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Watering Kit

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  • For healthier lawns and gardens
  • Aid to water conservation

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Remove the guesswork from watering with our 3-in-1 Watering Kit!

There are lots of questions associated with watering a lawn or garden: How much is too much? How often is too often? How do we use water responsibly? Deal with low water pressure? Reduce the "work" of watering?

Our 3-in-1 Watering Kit tackles a variety of such issues with three highly useful products: (1) a Water-Saving Hose Nozzle that delivers a high-velocity spray where needed, with a maximum flow of 2.5 gal. per minute. (An unrestricted garden hose can flow at over ten gallons of water per minute!) This nozzle is pressure compensated for consistent water savings regardless of your water pressure. Choose from seven spray settings ranging from full force to a water-saving mist. The heavy-duty metal body, with cushioned dial ring and comfort grip, promotes long life.

(2) The automatic, easy-to-set Garden Hose Timer conserves water and time. Watering your lawn or garden has never been easier. Set the time anywhere from 0 to 120 minutes and it shuts off automatically to prevent overwatering. Timer features a high-quality, heavy-duty brass connector to help eliminate cross threading. It’s ideal for lawn and garden -- and a great aid in watering responsibly during drought conditions. Universal fit on any standard hose outlet -- and swivel connector for ease of use. Set it and forget it. No batteries needed.

(3) The Moisture Meter is a scientifically accurate way to measure the moisture in the soil at root level, where it matters most. Simply insert the long probe into the soil at about four to six inches and read meter. You will know instantly if too much or not enough watering has occurred. Such measurement helps prevent overwatering and promotes efficient water use, as well as promoting healthier lawns, gardens and shrubs. No batteries needed.

This kit is a great idea for the elderly gardeners you know -- a helpful gift for Mom and Dad. It takes the worry and work out of watering, saves money on water bills, and reduces the time it takes to get that watering done right. Those with limited mobility may especially appreciate the kit.

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