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SUV & Truck Snow Cover

SUV and Truck Snow Cover

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  • Protect your wipers
  • Magnetic hold

Price: $24.95


Reduce wintertime de-icing and scraping with our magnetic Snow Cover.

Let it snow, let it snow -- with this large-sized Snow Cover, your vehicle, its windshield and fluid dispensers are protected from ice and snow until you’re ready to get on your way. An extra-long flap fully covers wipers and spray jets so they don’t ice up. Wiper life is prolonged since snow can’t encrust the rubber edges and cause rips, cracks and tears. Cover saves exertion, frustration and energy by reducing or eliminating the need for winter morning defrosting -- on windshield. This is an especially helpful product for Mom, Dad and the elderly.

Magnetic grips and side flaps that tuck into vehicle doors keep the cover in place, even in a strong wind. Comes with carrying/storage pouch.

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