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The Incredible Sweeper

The Incredible Sweeper

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Would it be immodest if we proclaimed this the World’s Best Cordless Sweeper?

  • Runs up to 90 minutes per charge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • For all kinds of floors
  • Whisper quiet

Price: $149.95


We have so much confidence in The Incredible Sweeper that we believe it to be the most durable and powerful cord-free Sweeper of its size. It’s so powerful it picks up ballpoint pens -- and pretty much anything else that will fit inside! Originally developed for commercial use, it cleans up food, fur, birdseed, glass, dust, sand -- so many things, all without that loud vacuum cleaner noise that offends the ears and scares the pets. The Incredible Sweeper is "Whisper Quiet".

This Sweeper works great on all kinds of floors, from carpets to hardwood to rugged surfaces -- wet or dry. Runs up to 90 minutes on all hard floor surfaces and up to 60 minutes on rugged floor surfaces. The soft rubber wheels prevent scratching, even on pre-finished wood, laminate, linoleum or other floors that can easily scratch with a heavy vacuum.

It’s compact, lightweight and powered by a rechargeable battery. A full charge lasts up to 90 minutes -- that’s 40-plus cleanings! A heavy-duty wall mount and charger are included. There’s a telescopic handle (with an ergonomic top grip) that adjusts up or down for hard-to-reach places, and the unit lies flat for cleaning under beds and furniture.

You can’t beat it for quicker, quieter, long-running cord-free cleaning -- it’s so easy that you’ll find you often use it more than once a day for big or small cleaning jobs. It will hold a lot -- there’s a large-capacity, easy-empty dustpan -- no bags needed.

Sweeper comes with a removable washable high-speed agitator brush driven by a geared non-slip belt drive, plus an extra pet-hair brush roll for that particularly tough cleaning job. And there’s a wall-mounting docking system that provides convenient storage.

There’s much that recommends this Sweeper to the elderly and those aging in the home. It’s unusually lightweight (4.6 lbs.), so it’s ideal for senior citizens or anyone who has a hard time lifting a vacuum. The adjustable handle is a big help if you suffer from arthritis or carpel tunnel. It’s great for cleaning every floor surface in your home, to tidy up your kitchen, bathroom, living and dining room areas anytime without having to pull out a heavy vacuum. And since there’s no cord to trip over and no bending to electrical outlets, it’s doubly useful and safe for the elderly and adults living alone.

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