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Raised Easy-Access Toilet Seat

Raised Easy Access Toilet Seat Raised Easy Access Toilet Seat

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  • Add-on toilet seat with side access openings
  • For direct and easy access and cleaning
  • Allows easy front-to-back wiping

Price: $59.95


A unique toilet seat design allowing you easy access to body parts that may not otherwise be easy to access!

This add-on toilet seat fits easily into a regular toilet bowl to solve a very private bathroom issue for those with limited personal accessibility. The seat is raised four inches, a safety measure to reduce the need for bending, stretching and balancing, all of which can lead to a fall. There are openings on each side of the seat for easier front-to-back hygienic cleansing, and a front recess for added accessibility, too.

For those who might need this seat (including the infirm elderly, the less mobile, those arthritic or handicapped, patients recovering from surgery or accidents, and some who are overweight, pregnant or obese), it can provide greater privacy and dignity. It can also reduce the need for a caregiver and allow older adults to remain longer in their home.

Seat fits most standard and elongated toilets and is easy to install -- no tools required. It clamps on and locks securely in place. 450-lb. capacity.

Maintaining personal hygiene is important for many reasons: social, health-related and psychological. Thorough cleansing can prevent a urinary tract infection, as well as the spread of infections, illness and bad odors.

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