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 The Jacuzzi® Walk-In Tub

Your Own Personal Fountain of Youth

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub

The world’s leader in hydrotherapy and relaxation makes bathing safe, comfortable and affordable.

The first time I ever got in a hot tub at a resort, I said to myself "One of these days I’m going to have one of these in my home - so I can experience this whenever I want." Now that I’m older, I’d still like to have the pain relief and relaxation, but I have to be careful about slipping and falling in the bathroom.

That’s why I was thrilled to find out that Jacuzzi, Inc. had combined the safety of a walk-in bathtub with the benefits of a tub. Now that I have one in my home, I can have that luxurious resort experience...whenever I want.

Jacuzzi Walk-In TubThe moment you step into your premier Jacuzzi® Walk-In Tub you’ll see the superior design and the quality of the craftmanship. The low, safe step and the door is 100% guaranteed not to leak. The high 17" seat enables you to bathe and to access the easy-to-reach controls.

Best of all, your tub comes with the patented Jacuzzi® PointPro® jet system - which gives you a perfectly balanced water-to-air ratio to massage you thoroughly but gently.

These high volume, low pressure pumps are arranged in a pattern that creates swirls and spirals that provide both a total body massage and targeted treatment of specific pressure points.

The tub features a high gloss acrylic coating which is more durable, scratch resistant and easier to clean than traditional gel-coat surfaces. It’s American made with full metal frame construction and comes with a lifetime warranty on both the tub and the operating system.

Isn’t it time you rediscovered the comfort and luxury of a soothing, therapeutic hot tub experience again? Call now and knowledgeable product experts will answer your questions and explain how easy and affordable it can be. Don’t wait, call now.

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Third-party financing available with approved credit. Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

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Why Jacuzzi® is the Best
Easy and Safe Entry - Low entry, leak proof door allows you step safely into the tub
Maximum Pain Relief - Therapeutic water AND air jets
Personalized Massage - Adjustable back jets for pinpoint control
No Hassle Installation - Designed to fit in your existing tub space
Worry Free Enjoyment - Thanks to Jacuzzi Inc.’s lifetime limited warranty

Jacuzzi Jets


Laboratory tests clearly show how Jacuzzi® jets outperform other manufacturers’ jet systems, producing a deeper and wider plume of revitalizing bubbles. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny more!


"Every night my husband comments how he loves his walk in tub... With more and more uses I feel like a whole new person. My personality has even changed because of the atmosphere, the aromatherapy & less pain almost all the time now... We feel like humans again."

Tom & Joyce


"I can take a quick shower if need be, or I can relax and enjoy the luxury of the Jacuzzi®. Either way, I am VERY satisfied with the tub. It’s attractive, convenient and practical. What more could I ask for?"

Mary Lou G.

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