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Home Safety & Security

A unique Family Gift Idea - Peephole Viewer

Digital LCD Peephole Viewer

  • A safer peephole because you can easily identify who’s at your door
  • You adjust it to see clearly and easily who’s there
  • Improve your most basic home security: The front door
  • Gets rid of distortion and fisheye views
  • Just pop it in to your existing peephole
  • Built-in compensation for low light conditions
  • LCD panel makes for a larger, clearer, easier-to-see image
  • Big bright clearer, larger image
  • Two display modes, regular and zoom
  • Anti-Reverse, so you won’t darken the peephole, revealing you’re home
  • Easy pop-in installation
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Easier to use, even for kids
Only $149.95
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