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Women’s Night Driving Glasses with Melavision

Womens Night Driving Glasses

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Price: $39.95


See colors better and reduce glare with our melanin infused glasses. Helps with nighttime driving, watching TV and more!

You can wear these attractive glasses around the house or yard or all around town, day or night. For night driving, you’ll quickly notice that green highway signs pop out at you again and oncoming glare may be reduced. Colors should become less dulled, and you may begin to notice new detail. And when watching TV, you may suddenly find you’re experiencing colors the way they are supposed to be seen.

This is an excellent product for those with aging eyes. Seniors and older adults, especially adults living alone, will appreciate the innovative and assistive technology of these glasses and may well find them to be essential aids to daily living.

Also available in men’s and wraps that you can wear over prescription glasses.

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