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Adjustable Readers

Adjustable Readers
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Reading glasses YOU can self-adjust
to correct your own vision.

  • Turn the dial, change the correction.
  • Adjusts up to +4.5 diopter range!
  • Adapt your vision for reading, cooking, computer use, hobbies, and more!

Price: $49.95



No more hunting around for the right readers for a specific job.

It’s hard to fathom how well these Self-Adjusting Readers work, but seeing is believing! Who would think that by attaching a little adjuster dial on either side of your glasses for a few seconds and rotating it until you see clearly, you could adjust your lenses and adapt your vision for reading, cooking, computer use, hobbies, and more.

All with a single pair of glasses! -- no more hunting around for the right pair for a specific job. These lenses can be separately self-adjusted to match the diopter needs of each individual eye. Many of us require different optical strengths in each eye, and these lenses can be adjusted to match each individual eye’s needs. No need to live with a one-size-fits-all strength! Diopter strengths range from 0 to 4.5x. This amazing self-adjustment technology (also known as self-refraction) was developed as a way to bring accessible, affordable and accurate eyecare to the developing world. You can remove and re-attach the dial at any time to readjust lens power.

How do they work? It isn’t magic -- it just seems like it! Basically, the lenses change their power as you turn the dial, and all you have to do is keep turning until you can see most clearly. It’s called SlideLens technology, in which two lenses slowly slide across each other to change the overall focusing power.

The glasses come with attractive, high-quality metal frames, and adjust to fit most faces. The lenses are UV-resistant plastic that blocks most UVA and all harmful UVB rays. Simple wipe them clean -- the twin lenses can be hinged apart to remove dirt or water between them. They come with the re-attachable adjuster dial, a hard plastic case and cleaning cloth, an eye test chart and instruction sheet.

Adjustable Readers are an innovative product that could be an aid to daily living for senior citizens and aging eyes. It brings assistive technology to the elderly and is an effective and affordable solution to certain kinds of impaired vision.

NOTE: Not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional.

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