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Health Sandals

Health Sandals Health Sandals

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  • Easy, inexpensive reflexology
  • 1,000 little massage nodules

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These stimulating Sandals gently massage your feet, offering easy and inexpensive reflexology.

Here’s a new approach to healthy shoes and foot pain relief -- actually, not so new since these sandals were launched in Japan in 1965 and in the US in the 1980s. They can easily be compared to a foot massage at a spa!

How do they work? About 1000 natural latex rubber nodules massage and stimulate reflex points on the soles of your feet and help reduce overall fatigue.

The neutral heel and orthopedic foot bed are designed to improve posture and address lower back, leg and foot pains.

If you’ve neglected your feet in the past or have foot pain of various kinds on a regular basis, maybe it’s time for some "healthy shoes" -- the best massage sandals firstSTREET has come across yet!

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