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Amplified Digital HD Antenna

Amplified Digital HD Antenna

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  • Digital HD TV -- free & clear!
  • Save on your cable bill
  • Get 100% HDTV signals

Price: $49.95


Get your local HD channels with no box, no monthly fee with this Digital TV Antenna!

Did you know you can now receive digital HD-quality TV for free? Yes, with this amplified indoor antenna, you can pick up all your normal local-area channels (including those extra channels local stations have recently added, like 8-1, 8-2, etc.).

This antenna provides the perfect reception for your secondary TV sets, the ones you use primarily for the "Big Three" network shows and local shows anyway. Cable providers may charge you up to $10 monthly for each additional box beyond your main TV. Think what you’ll save! Even if you love cable and want to keep it on your main TV, this antenna will still pay for itself in a matter of months with just the "extra box" savings. (Or, if you’ve had enough of paying hundreds a month or lost interest in cable shows, this might be the time to even get rid of your cable system or satellite dish altogether and go with an HD antenna!)

Our antenna actually improves the reception of weak signals and optimizes your picture quality, too. Remember when we used to have rooftop antennas that required constant adjustment -- even sometimes crawling up on the roof to turn it properly? This antenna needs no adjusting or fine tuning -- it gets multi-directional reception. And the digital signals are received uncompressed, meaning you receive more digital data.

The 22dB gain amplifier has circuitry that features a low-noise filter, too. This improves the reception of weak signals and optimizes your picture quality.

Antenna is lightweight, ultra thin and sleekly designed -- blends with any decor. You can mount it on a wall or lay it flat on a shelf. It will access all over-the-air HDTV broadcasts on channels VHF 7 to 13 and UHF 14-69 when used with an HD-ready TV.

For every senior with lots of TVs around the house, the HDTV antenna means real savings. Mom can follow her regular afternoon shows in the kitchen; Dad can get the local sports at dinner; and they both can follow the game shows and regular evening programming they enjoy so much. And since most seniors are interested in saving money where they can, they’ll appreciate that with this antenna there’s one price: Put it in your home and it’s done. No monthly fees, no complicated hookup, no adjustments needed. It connects directly to TV or set-top box. Comes with AC adapter.

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