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35mm Slide Scanner

35mm Slide Scanner 35mm Slide Scanner

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  • Digitizes your old slides easily.
  • Works with photo negatives, too.
  • Preserves family history for future generations

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The Photo Slide Scanner converts negatives and slides to a digital format - no computer required!

Convert those old slides and negatives to a digital format quickly and easily with the 35mm slide scanner - and surprisingly, no computer is required for the process. Here’s another surprise: no slide projector is needed for viewing. Once you convert those old negatives and slides to digital files and bring them back to life, set up your own slide show on the built-in 2.4" color display screen - or connect to a computer or TV if you prefer. The photo slide scanner has internal memory to store images, all with 5.0 megapixel quality.

This is a very good, inexpensive slide copier. It scans color or monochrome film and mounted slides, and features automatic color balance and exposure control. It looks and feels solid and weighs only 1 lb. The compact size means it takes up very little space on your overcrowded desk or when stored on a closet shelf, and it’s also easy to transport.

The photo slide scanner features a 14 megapixel CMOS Sensor that provides 10 bits per color channel, and it has 32MB of built-in flash memory storage capacity. 3 white LEDs (a built-in backlight) serve as an adjustable light source. You can use the USB 1.1 interface or the AC adapter (included) for power. There’s a 2.4" color display screen for viewing and editing images, or you can connect directly to a TV to view the conversion process and the converted images.

The scanner supports SD cards (up to 32GB) and is compatible with both Mac and Windows based computers. Satisfied buyers often mention how easy this photo slide scanner is to use. Basically, it’s a 3-step process: Insert slides or film into cartridge. Insert cartridge into scanner. Press scan button. The cartridge will properly align the slides or film for you, and the automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast saves you time and fuss. This scanner requires very little attention. It’s fast, too, taking just a few seconds per scan. Some scanners take 3 to 5 minutes to scan a slide, so the speed here makes the process much easier and more efficient. And when you have 20 or 30 years of slides in a box in the closet, speed counts!

We’ve heard from people who have actually inherited boxes and boxes of family slides, with no idea what might be on them until they sit down with our 35 mm Slide Scanner. (Who owns a slide projector anymore?) But with this easy scanner, a lifetime of memories can unfold - trips you took as a long-ago child, family gatherings, family members long departed, sporting activities, school functions, and special events. And think how close you came to just throwing all that out because it just seemed too much to deal with! Don’t worry too much about slides and negatives that are faded or discolored. Old slides that show signs of age deterioration can actually turn out pretty well as a digital image. Our photo slide scanner scans at 3200 dpi, and it’s designed to produce a clearer image and brighter, more vibrant colors. So give it a try - even a bad slide can often produce a good scan. If you want and when you’re ready, you can transfer your images to a Mac or PC with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

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