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10 Megapixel Digital Instant Camera

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  • Instant printing with 10-megapixel image sensor
  • Prints 2" x 3" high-quality photos
  • Classic-style pop-up viewfinder

Price: $129.95


Everything you always loved about an instant camera is back--and now it’s digital!

Remember all the joys of those old instant pictures, starting with the immediate gratification of holding a photo in your hands in seconds? There was no film processing required, and no computer either. Now you can have that instant satisfaction again with our Digital Instant Camera—a truly retro idea but with modern-era features like a 10- megapixel image sensor for high-quality prints and a self-timer.

Other digital benefits include the improved quality of high resolution, and six built-in picture modes, including full color, black and white and vintage. This compact camera prints 2" x 3" high-quality photos automatically when a picture is taken. No computer connections needed, no ink or film required—just printer paper that dries immediately. There’s also an SD memory card slot to store images for printing at a later time. And—don’t you love it?—there an easy-to-use, classic-style viewfinder that pops up for use automatically when camera is powered on.

There’s also a no-paper indicator and a low-battery indicator—it’s a really easy, helpful camera. Requires lithium ion battery (included).

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