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Breadcrumbs II Personal Locator

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  • Personal GPS gets you back to where you started
  • Retraces your steps so you never get lost
  • Uses dependable Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology

Price: $59.95


Handheld GPS retraces your steps, taking you back to where you started!

Now you can use the same Global Positioning Satellite technology as the GPS system in your car -- but this time to retrace your steps and guide you back to where you left your car, your friends, your accommodations, etc. At the push of a button as you set out, Breadcrumbs II locks into exactly the place where you are, then guides you back when you’re ready to return.

It’s an amazing help when locating your car at the shopping center, returning to the exact store where you saw those shoes you liked, or meeting your friend at the bookstore where you left her. Use it at the mall, the stadium, the airport, a theme park, in a big city, a parking lot, any unfamiliar area! Use it on a cruise to lead you back to the pier and trust it to remember the location of a favorite restaurant, a business site or your hotel! It will even save the location of your favorite fishing hole, birding spot, or duck blind. Unit stores up to five locations. You’ll be amazed how often it comes in handy.

The unit is small, compact and rugged -- fits easily into pocket or purse. It even displays the distance from your original location and the time it takes to get back there. Perfect for this summer’s travel season because it works anywhere in the world!

This is also a useful item for aging adults whose sense of direction or memory might not be quite as sharp as it used to be. It provides extra security and confidence for moving about in new places and is helpful for those who walk in unfamiliar neighborhoods or set out on their own. Includes carabiner clip and carrying pouch. Requires two "AAA" batteries (not included).

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