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Large Display Touchscreen Watch

Large Display Touchscreen Watch
Large Display Touchscreen Watch Large Display Touchscreen Watch

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  • Large Display and Numbers - easy to see from any distance!
  • Easy to Use touchscreen - on when you want it, off when you don’t - protects the battery life
  • While Supplies Last - No Backorders

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Teens love these big, bold, colorful Touchscreen Watches!

You can see the fun from across the room -- big, attention-grabbing LED watches with giant numbers, a giant display screen, and the widest of bands in the brightest of colors!

Watches are equipped with a sensor that displays the time at a touch of the watch face. The display flashes the time, month, day, seconds -- whichever you wish -- with an automatic shut-off in five seconds to conserve the battery.

They’re easy to set -- and certainly easy to see! Seniors love them, too -- especially the huge numbers, large display area and the easy touchscreen access to the time. These clever watches are teen-inspired, but suitable for all ages -- a very 21st century gift item in the age of "gee whiz" ideas! Specify black, blue, green or white.

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