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While fall prevention is the most common safety concern for seniors, many other risks come with aging.

Help is here for concerns with driving safely, avoiding bumps & bruises in poorly lit settings, identity theft, and even for those ‘senior moments’ where we misplace the keys (or even the car!).

No-Drill Grab Bars

Our front-pocket wallet is a great gift for Dad

Nightlighter<sup>™</sup> Flashlight

Breadcrumbs<sup>™</sup> II Personal Locator

Driver Alert Glasses
Was: $19.95

No Slip Rug

Lively Alert – Personal Emergency Response System

Device Price: $49.99 *

Jacuzzi Walk In Shower

Have questions? Call 1-800-245-9895 to speak with a friendly Jacuzzi Walk In Shower expert who can assist you today.

XL Toilet Seat

Microwave Hot Plate Handle

Safe-Touch Induction Cooktop

Armored Credit Card Sleeves
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