Innovative products for seniors and their caregivers

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WOW! Computer for Seniors with 22-Inch Touchscreen Monitor Women's Barefoot Slippers Spare Pair Adjustable Glasses
Balanced Spectrum Floor Lamp
Price: $59.95
Purchase 2 or more for only $49.95 each!
Jitterbug Cell Phone

Phone Price: $99.99 *

Perfect Sleep Chair

Price: $1,999.00
Was: $2,499.00

Get $500.00 off NOW!

Womens Mesh Walker
Price: $59.95
Captioning Telephone
Price: $99.95
Nightlighter Flashlight
Price: $19.95
High Powered Readers
Price: $17.95
Mens Barefoot Slippers
Price: $11.95
Mix or match -- only $9.95 for 2 or more! (This includes mixing and matching with the WOMEN’S.)
TV Buds
Price: $99.95
Perching Stool
Price: $99.95
Atomic Talking Watch Expansion
Price: $49.95
Neptune Recliner Bath Lift
Price: $999.00

Unique Gift Ideas for Seniors

firstSTREET’s catalog offers unique gift ideas for every occasion. We’ve got exciting gifts for mom, or gifts for dad that are sure to put a smile on your parents face.

Looking for something fun for the grandchildren? Check out our gifts for grandchildren. Or how about something the active senior can enjoy? Find it in our active lifestyles section.

Looking to save some money? Check out gifts under $50 for those occasions. Or check out our unique retirement gifts, or our interactive toys and games.

Aging In Place Products

When activities of daily living (ADL’s) become a challenge, we have unique Aging In The Home product solutions that support independent living.

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